user Owen | about 1 year ago

Why do I have the feeling that this won't apply to the politicians, especially armengol, and they will be attending huge private parties for Xmas and New Year. After her previous behaviour she should be tagged to monitor her location during this time. If the politicians aren't obeying these stupid law why should anyone else?

user JohnG | about 1 year ago

Mark Badoer. You sound like my ex. I want. I don’t want? A legend in your own mind. Come clean to us all and spill as to the the extent of your income stream within Majorca. A place you want us all to come to replenish or supplement your income ?

user Mark Badoer | about 1 year ago

I don´t care about levels, phases, curfews nor lock downs or conspiracy theories. My Christmas is already a happy one, as TRUMP is history!!!!!! Finally some good news in 2020.

user Burgundy Blue | about 1 year ago

James, Freedom of Speech does NOT entitle you to run into a crowded theatre and shout 'Fire!'

user Steve | about 1 year ago

James, go watch Plandemic on repeat whilst the rest of us work. Whatever happens, you should be safe from the virus as the last I looked vegetables can't catch it.

user Ged | about 1 year ago

Rachel i'm interested to learn that Glaxo owns Pfizer, just a bit confused as to why they have developed seperate vaccines and why the Glaxo shareprice didn't shoot up when Pfizer announced its vaccine was successful or conversely why the Pfizer share price didn't go down when Glaxo announced its vaccine results weren't good enough 🤔 Both these companies prize their reputations and have teams of lawyers looking for rubbish like you have written. I wouldn't be too concerned about them, it's BlackRock the worlds biggest asset manager that will hunt you down and squash you for libel. Good luck with that.

user Michael | about 1 year ago

First of all, certainly in jurisdictions I am more familiar with (the US and EU), Freedom of Speech is a qualified right, which may be restricted for, for example, health reasons. The purpose of Freedom of Speech is to allow people to voice opinions and information free from interference from government bodies. Of course, regardless of Freedom of Speech is not speech without consequence, for example being sued for libel by individuals and companies who may have been defamed by said speech.

user Dave | about 1 year ago

Rachel, I suggest you get back to watching something at your level like Hollyoaks or I'm a celebrity. Why let facts get in the way of a great story.

user James | about 1 year ago

Freedom of speech Micheal. At the moment it's still not against the law.

user James | about 1 year ago

Most of what Rachel says is tripe and is an overexxageration. For example Pfizer is not owned by Glaxo, they have a JV on the tiny consumer healthcare division (nothing to do with the Vaccine business). Glaxo is not Owned or run by Black Rock finances, its biggest shareholder owns 1.7% and its lenders are mostly banks like Barclays , Citi and JP Morgan. I won't continue because its all hokus pocus and written by people who have never worked in the finance industry!!