user Rob | over 2 years ago

You mean 0400?

user Rob | over 2 years ago

Do they mean 4am

user GrahamJ | over 2 years ago

Apart from the sour grapes here, the story remains the same..... Armengol and Co need to take note of what Boris and Co are achieving in the UK.... Sadly, Majorca no longer has the draw for the average ordinary tourist and it’s Euros. As instructed by a certain Mr. Badbore within a previous instruction of his, I have booked a month’s multicentre arrangement within Greece, so that’s circa E10k going elsewhere other than to his beloved Nirvana

user Rich | over 2 years ago

'But it will only be those businesses which have a terrace with a capacity of 50 percent.' A capacity of 50%? Assuming we don't cut people into pieces then 50% requires a minimum of 2 people, doh.

user John | over 2 years ago

Don't you think this is getting out of hand.come on boys! A little respect.

user Dave | over 2 years ago

Aaah, its all good then Mr Badbore. Let me try to understand. When someone attacks you or says something you don't like, you think the MDB should react and censor the writer. But when you write abusive posts its all a bit of a laugh, just joking, wanted to see Dave's reaction. Honestly it's pathetic.

user Mark Badoer | over 2 years ago

Haha, I only reacted as I knew our house white supremicist Dave would of course react to me. So predictable this sad old man. And he makes things up as he goes along. None of what he says about me is ever true at all. Maybe I should call you Dave Trump.

user Dave | over 2 years ago

I find Mark Badbore to be a contradiction in terms. On the one hand he can't take abuse, but then says most Brits are legless fighting drunks. Has he been to the Jumeirah in Soller or La Residencia in Deia or the Mardavall or the Grand Son Net, 80% of the guests are pish well behaved Brits. In fact there are always more arrests per annum in Arenal with Germans than there are in Magaluf. He also vilifies countries like Turkey, and you have to wonder if its a religious bias 🤷‍♂️. So he gives it out but can't take it. Also he calls the paper he reads all day and probably comments tge most of anyone on the "Daily BS" I personally am very grateful to the MDB for keeping us informed of whats going on. I can't believe the staff get paid that much, so to take crap off the likes of Badbore is grossly unfair.

user Mark Badoer | over 2 years ago

Alan, makes a nice change of the legless brits that normally roam the streets half naked, screaming and shouting and fighting. I cannot believe MDB keep allowing these personal attacks. I had to endure many here. But nothing is done. Yet say something that is not in the MDB political alley and they don´t publish it. No wonder it is generally referred to as the Daily BS.

user Dr Heinze | over 2 years ago

I think you will find that the closure of bars/restaurants in Mallorca was driven by a reduction in the appropriate social distancing protocol following the excessive consumption of alcohol, be it in bars, restaurants or even illegal bottellon gatherings. To deny this seems rather ignorant.