user Steve | over 3 years ago

You immigrants are always winging you need to consider the poor mallorquin who won’t be able too feed there kids because they have no jobs you lot need too remember your only guests in Mallorca who will soon come running back for the freebies when it goes belly up

user tom | over 3 years ago

Andreas , the Stanley Johnson loophole will be restricted. meaning doubt UK gov will allow property owners to go to their properties for 2 weeks or more to prepare for a sale or rental. They will consider most likely 2/4 days as sufficient. So those Brits thinking they can come for 2 to x weeks to so called prepare to rent and sell etc will surely be disappointed and will be asked to pay the fines... not much of a loophole if you ask me as it will be time restricted, and not an invitation to make an extended vacation out of it.

user Martin | over 3 years ago

Thank you Stanley Johnson ! see you soon , all you immigrants do is moan

user Minnie | over 3 years ago

I cannot believe these comments! When are you all going to wake up from your sleepwalking through life!? There will NEVER be a tourist season again! That's it guys! Whether they bring out a Mickey Mouse, Doanld Duck or Pluto strain next, which no doubt you'll all continue to believe, this is it guys! Welcome to the Brave New World!,, so glad I never had kids!

user Andreas | over 3 years ago

You are forgetting the 'Stanley Johnson Loophole'. People with 2nd homes in Mallorca will be able to travel to Mallorca from 30th March 'In order to prepare their property for sale or rent'.

user Steve, Son Maties | over 3 years ago

To Kenny Wison. Who told you that vaccinated people can't still catch and spread the virus ? We can't have any tourists here at all until we're all vaccinated, we can't afford the consequences if our "government" gets this wrong...

user Steve, Son Maties | over 3 years ago

"Money Before Health" decision from the Spanish "government". Only the British and German Governments can stop another skyrocketing of new cases here now. Scary.....

user john | over 3 years ago

An intelligent person! I wish everyone had your attitude Deb. See you next year,it's worth the wait :)

user Deb | over 3 years ago

I am so sorry for Mallorca. I love it there and miss you. I will not be travelling until next year at the earliest. We don’t want to spread the disease and I cannot square it with my conscience to put my holiday before someone’s life.

user Stephen | over 3 years ago

Unfortunately for Majorca and the rest of the EU us Brits will be staying at home this year , and even us with properties in Majorca will not be back until 2022. This is because although many Brits have already had one or both jabs of the vaccine we would not want to bring infection back to the UK. So until the EU catches up on inoculations nobody will be visiting the islands this year. The EU has let Majorca down badly and has no money to support you as the cash has all been creamed off by France and Germany. So another very lean year for Majorca I am afraid.