user Sara O. | about 1 year ago

Thank you James T. It can be rather frustrating at times reading some of the comments.

user James T | about 1 year ago

Well said, Sara O! Many people don't understand the science (they're easy to spot as they often back up their ignorance using Twitter and Facebook links). Hopefully Science curricula will change to place more emphasis on scientific literacy. Until then we just have to put up with ill-educated idiots spouting nonsense,. such as gazzaput : (

user Paul | about 1 year ago

Bizarre rule. There is no science behind this. A waste of police time.

user gazzaputt | about 1 year ago

@Sara O I’d be interested to see the scientific study that shows a mask prevents aerosols escaping. No surgical mask can do this. Also you state vaccinated people can pass on the virus on. Your advice then contradicts studies from Israel and the American CDC that say vaccinated people do not spread the virus. Again please show the studies that show vaccinated will pass on the virus.

user Sara O. | about 1 year ago

@Sarah Silcox, even after you have had both doses of the vaccine, you may still give Covid to someone else.

user Sara O. | about 1 year ago

@Matt, the point of the vaccine is to prevent people becoming seriously ill with the virus and possibly dying. The point of masks, if worn correctly and changed regularly, is that they do stop the spread through aerosols.

user Matt | about 1 year ago

What’s the point of a vaccine is when it doesn’t stop the spread? What’s the point of a dirty rag when it has been proven not to stop the spread? The great reset is happening folks and everybody just says it’ll be better next year. Wake up it won’t unless we fight for freedom

user John Naeselius | about 1 year ago

wearing a mask on the beach Show us the science of the benefits!!!

user jen | about 1 year ago

RIP Spain. (Rest in Peace)

user James w | about 1 year ago

18 years I lived here and paid my taxes but I'm starting to really consider my options. This government has gone power mad hell bent on destroying there own cultures, country and people.