user Ullak | over 2 years ago

Michael, how come you believe us UKcitizens should be treated differently than any other 3rd country. Someone said here WE gave you green light (for Majorca) WE gave, talking about being arrogant. It's just to get used no matter where you go, Europe or anywhere else, it will take time to process our passports.Just accept and don't demand to have preferential treatment.

user UllaK | over 2 years ago

Don't complain, I arrived 2 weeks ago and all quiet. Not easy to suddenly handle a big influx. UK customs have had months and months to sort it with no good result and people have been waiting for hours on end. How come you demand suddenly all should be without hiccup here.

user Majorca fan | over 2 years ago

Martin so everyone is informed before booking could you please clarify on your statement the real consequences of Brexit if am sure U.K. visitors will be interested before repeating the £5000mill We spent in Majorca in 2019. The only consequences I have seen is £5billion investment in the region I live by international companies and serious growth at Nissan Sunderland as the company doubles down on the the uk market unfortunately at the cost of Nissan Spain’s employees.

user Martin W | over 2 years ago

Nigel, what is new is the need for a UK passport to be stamped - that is an outcome of your Brexit policy. So, no possible use of automated gates and no cursory swipe or glance at a passport. Another really cool thing for you Brexit voters is the cessation of free roaming by EE. So when you all come to Mallorca, get ready to face the real consequences of Brexit. Those mentioned above are just two examples, so don't anyone dare moan or complain when you arrive. You did this to yourselves.

user Majorca fan | over 2 years ago

No change then, this report is typical of Palma airport before Brexit and after, it got worse after the Automated system was installed. Oh long for the days when the official was sitting asleep and we all waved our passport at him and walked through. Mark you are quite correct with your last statement, remember in 1984 even Winston learned to love big brother.

user John Parkinson | over 2 years ago

As long as not in the queue with students from mainland Spain

user Mark Badoer | over 2 years ago

Well said johnc, nigel and john. And to Michael Rogers: Spain and it´s citizens are the most pro Europeans in the whole of the EU. This was in the news only last week. Do you really think Spain would kick out their sugar daddy for you? Hell no.

user johnc | over 2 years ago

Totally agree Colin. I'm not sure who dislikes the British more..The British expats..YES. Remember you all are residents here and that's all. The people of Mallorca have always welcomed Germans & British here.

user Colin Allcars | over 2 years ago

I’ve already warned all of my family and friends not to expect a warm welcome from many people in Mallorca. I think a lot will go elsewhere after reading the hostile comments on this website over the last 12 months.

user john | over 2 years ago

For nearly 18 months now, everyday this newspaper has said how important tourism is to this island. They are sponsored by all the big tour companies and the government here who are practically begging Brits to come,and write everyday what a fantastic place this is to visit. Now when it looks like the most important market are going to arrive,they send out negative articles like this. I have news for you all,there are queues every year at this airport and especially July& August. It is the height of the tourist season!!!