user Francois | about 1 year ago

Looking at the ECDC-maps Mallorca is already on code RED since the 8th of july, so no surprice here.

user Johnf | about 1 year ago

Good you don't want tourist from UK any way

user Lisa | about 1 year ago

Well, the Balearics has gone Amber. We were awarded to converted ‘Green’ and arrogantly frittered it away. Non checked students arriving, ‘not my fault’ says the Pres. Out of control street parties, ‘we can’t do anything’ says the police. Question if the president and police aren’t responsible, who are?!

user Stan. | about 1 year ago

How can Palma Airport be awarded Covid Safety ? When Mallorca returns to AMBER RATING. What on Earth is happening!!!!.

user Tja | about 1 year ago

I more worried could go Red and then its all over! I have Holiday booked for 27th and I'm planning to still come, I have both jabs and I'm happy to come!.where I live we have 3 times more cases than the whole of the Baleares!!..

user Colin Allcars | about 1 year ago

They’re amber now.

user James w | about 1 year ago

We have gone from a Plandemic to now a Casedemic. Hospitals are fine and deaths are lower than other major diseases per day. When is this madness going to end. People need to get there lives back. And the case counters need to get a life turn the TV off don't pick up a newspaper and move on. Nothing to see he here but more scare mongering.

user david | about 1 year ago

So you can still get and pass on the virus after being double vaccinated so why are the non vaccinated being blamed for the spike in cases?

user Dennis | about 1 year ago

Jimmy. 100% in agreement with you there mate. Total lack or respect from so many people in the UK for this disease.

user Noam Chomsky | about 1 year ago

Amber? Be prepared for Red. Sick of this merry go round? Fell like nothing makes sense? Seek new information and it will be come clearer.