user Lorna | about 1 year ago

Mr Kane the only thing bleeding the NHS dry is the British government.

user Leo | about 1 year ago

The un elected EU Commission is showing everyone it's Dictatorial Power now . A Blatant takeover of National Governments decision making. Who gave them this power ? Themselves of course. Very unhealthy ! What can be done, find some way of taking it from them, or the "Union" as a whole will collapse.

user Gazza | about 1 year ago

You reap what you sew......bravo brexiteers 👏👏

user John Law | about 1 year ago

This is a great idea. Anybody committing an offence here could have their passport stamped, and then when applying for a visa, checks could be made and they could be banned them from enrering for a determined period. Love it....

user Tony A | about 1 year ago

Nothing to do with Brexit covers 60 countries.Not sure if EU citizens from non schengen areas like ROI have to pay it too or why they want to know about educational qualifications.It is a new scheme on top of everything else..but only £2 a year...UK should set up a similar scheme to keep out criminals..

user Steve kane | about 1 year ago

Just a money grabbing thing we in the UK should now do the same and also make sure that all those who don't pay taxes in th UK HAVE medical insurance to prevent health tourists from bleeding our NHS dry

user john walker | about 1 year ago

Is this on top of the"tourist tax" that we already have to pay.

user bill | about 1 year ago

after been a regular visitor for 50 years (2-3 times a year)i wont bother again i will go somewhere else it is greed

user Lisa | about 1 year ago

Until you get refused one.

user Compo | about 1 year ago

Will Uk residents still be restricted to the number of weeks/year we are allowed to spend in the schengen, or will this enable multiple visits without time limits? Anyone know?