user Brian Emery | over 2 years ago

I have been double jabbed but can see both sides of the coin, people should be free to make their own choice right or wrong. This is no different than people who refuse to allow their children to have the mmr jab. I believe you have a greater chance of survival if you get covid once you have been vaccinated and scientists and figures show this, but that was my decision and everyone should be allowed theirs . There should be no prejudice, either do or dont.

user Rich | over 2 years ago

It's been suggested that all un vaxxed should be sent to an island to live. Count me in. Anything but how things are now and headed to. I'll set up the non certificate bar/restaurant. Anyone set up a hotel? Of course vaxxed will be refused entry....leave our island alone.

user James w | over 2 years ago

To all the people who use this term anti vaxxers. On what bases do you believe people are anti vax? To put people into boxes is just a lazy way of not listening to the other side of a story. Easy for you to shut the debate down as you know your argument as no factual point to it. I'm sure it's the same people who moaned about Brexit for 3 years. Most people should be pro choice and discrimination should not happen at all costs. What has happened to people and the human race? Over a vaccine/treatment. I fear those who are ready to discriminate more than this virus. Disgusting human beings! Remember this is not a silver bullet. You still catch it, spread it and we are learning everyday the double vaccinated are still dying from it. So stop the virtue signalling please.

user Burgundy Blue | over 2 years ago

Clearly there are an awful lot of rocks out there that these anti-vaxxers have crawled out from under. Still, they won’t be annoying sensible folk for much longer.

user truthoveropinion | over 2 years ago

Andreas, at least we can see what you sold your soul for, a pint. Congrats. Your deluded if you think those that know the agenda will do the same. Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

user Andreas | over 2 years ago

Watch all the anti-vaxxers rush to get the jab when they are no longer allowed to party.

user Truthoveropinion | over 2 years ago

Peter, it’s clear from your comments you’ve never ever looked anywhere but your TV for information. Perhaps your better believing the lies. I don’t think you would survive the truth. Good luck.

user James w | over 2 years ago

It is not a conspiracy or nor am I anti vax. Because I choose to open my mind to other possibilities. It's is however communist propaganda believing in and being brainwashed by a narrative pushed by politicians, unelected health advisors and a media controlled by the state. I choose freedom over fear and democracy over a life like the Chinese. I happen to believe in the scientist who created the RNA technology Dr Robert Malone and Dr Mike Yeadon Pfizer chief executive of 30 years. That's to name afew who have more knowledge on these vaccines than most.

user Peter P | over 2 years ago

So Oliver it is ok to let 48,000,000 die from Covid then as that is .6% of the population you seem keen on quoting.

user Tom | over 2 years ago

What the gov is doing is trying anything in terms of new requirements so they can keep promoting the balearics as a safe destination which is bullshit in itself as there is no where safe currently globally from covid infections risks ! Its simply PR. Further as a fully vaccinated person i recently caught covid delta variant and was very very ill regardless with breathing problems , headaches , fever etc way way worse than your worst flu ! So all of you who think all is fine just because your vaccinated beware as you can still get very ill and easily infect others based on your ignorance . To all of you out there that think its not necessary to vaccinate i wish you good luck and hope you dont get infected which is by the way inevitable at some point and that you dont die from serious breathing problems . To all conspiracy people out there , well its your choice and the world is over populated anyway … .