user Steve, Son Maties | about 1 year ago

I think the comments filter gets turmed off for long periods, because the admin can't vet them regularly enough.

user Peter P | about 1 year ago

The software that runs this online edition obviously has a filter or not switch on comments. This one doesn't. The others get added or not after vetting as I and others can testify.

user Marvin the Martian | about 1 year ago

Back to the story. If the planes ain’t flying the folks ain’t coming. A quick scoot through EasyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 schedules shows that most UK routes stop at the end of October, as always. If they ain’t fussed to put up the flights then that’s it. Season over, for most. Palma will always get visitors. But that’s it. “Better in Winter? My arse!” ( quote courtesy of Jim Royle).

user Andreas | about 1 year ago

I'm confused. So, the MDB is either a 'far left socialist newspaper' or.. 'right wing'. Well, actually to those who grew up pre-internet, it's a 'newspaper'. A newspaper has something called 'editors' (Google it). These people (who usually are educated and have a brain) decide what can be published and what can not be published in their newspaper. Sad, isn't it?

user Jonas | about 1 year ago

You’re dreaming to think that hotels,bars and restaurants will stay open after 31 st Oct , To expensive to employ staff with autónomo costs and other overheads. No incentive for self employed. Lock up and see you in March.

user Mark Badoer | about 1 year ago

It is somewhat out of this world, a "newspaper" vets the comments. OK, when people use foul language or place racist comments or attack others in a freaky way, that should be removed. Same as conspiracy bullshit, like Trump uttered. But not posting someones opinion as it doesn´t suit the editor....... That is why I never place an advert in MDB. Mainly because of that. Yet everyone here criticizing, keeps commenting, including myself. As it is kinda fun getting people´s knickers in a twist. And for the rest: I agree with George.

user George | about 1 year ago

James W I’m the biggest left wing person you will meet and I can assure you the MDB is right wing. It’s a bunch of bitter old expats who can’t let go of their love of the U.K.

user James w | about 1 year ago

I agree with All. MDB don't believe in free speech and clearly have a narrative. That's the biggest problem with society at the moment people are shutdown if it doesn't follow the narrative. It's a Far left socialist paper.

user Peter P | about 1 year ago

I have noticed that being published depends on who wrote the article in question and what you have to say about it and that certain reporters don't like criticism.

user John Little | about 1 year ago

I agree with Stan, getting a comment posted on MDB has recently been as difficult as getting out of Kabul