user nigel | about 1 year ago

Robert agree totally, just flown back Easyjet on 1630 flight today(I too do not need to check in bags), exactly as you say. Where does the MDB get its news, BBC?

user Robert | about 1 year ago

I've been through 4 times so far this year and 2 more to come (3 return trips). I've got to say its been brilliant. Arriving at Palma there's a short queue to passports, then no queue at health control and I'm straight out of the door into a taxi. Coming back I go straight upstairs, 3 minutes at security, past duty free and passports (now on the machines btw) and go grab a beer and sit at an empty gate while I wait for the flight. When the flight is called I sit and watch the queue line up and when it's down to the last 4 or 5 I go line up with my test, vaccine form, passenger locator, passport and boarding pass in my hand. It takes them 10 seconds to read through and then I'm onto the plane and put the fresh air vent on. Only ever delay was when a friend had to check a bag in and I sat nearby while I waited 20 minutes for him. P.S, flying back into Luton is very slick too.

user Ferdinand | about 1 year ago

The problem is the inefficiency in it all. A lot of people have no clue what to do anymore. I.e. today I fly from Palma to Madrid to Athens. Document check online, all authorised by Iberia. At the airport again, having to show the documents (PLF and EU Covid passport). I show the lady the Iberia email, where they confirm all documents are in order and authorised. She doesn't care. In Madrid, they did accept the Iberia email. Going back I will need to do 2 QR codes, one for getting into Spain (total nonsense as I go onto a domestic flight) and one for Mallorca. So I have been filling in all details 5 times. Takes the fun out of travelling.

user B.Rowe | about 1 year ago

Haha who said the author supplied the picture, the above article showed a man on a e scooter but the topic was covid numbers not e-scooters. Do I write stating what do e-scooters have to do with covid numbers. Its a topic about overcrowding at an airport not a picture supplied by the bulletin

user noodle | about 1 year ago

I am afraid that it appears that many airports are just not geared up for the safety of is passengers. Understaffed and overwhelmed and many not at work after testing positive for Covid-19 as well it's a horrible job especially having to control the mob and check all that paperwork/smartphone=one data.. Gone are days of show your passport , ticket and away we go. Basically, governments do not want you to travel except for financial reasons (Mallorca etc needs tourism ) Win the lottery and buy your own yacht or private plane is the only solution (or stay at home Grrr) Good luck and patience to all those about to suffer the slings and arrows of .....

user Mickey Boy | about 1 year ago

Natalie: Did ye, Aye

user Natalie | about 1 year ago

I caught covid at this airport last week! There must of been about 1,000 easyjet customers in lune for check in. Never seen anything like it before. I tested negative on the Wed, flew home Thursday had covid by Saturday. I absolutely believe I caught it at this airport.

user Mark Badoer | about 1 year ago

Complaining about Palma? Have you seen Heathrow arrivals? Talk about chaos.......

user Tom Brown | about 1 year ago

Wear a mask. Or two. The scientists, the experts and Dr Fauci all say they work. Don’t they ?

user Mark | about 1 year ago

"Why can't folk be checked at the gate". A couple of immediate reasons spring to mind - checking at the gate means that folk have already passed security and passport control. Should papers not be in order (missing an antigen for example), at the checkin desk they have time to leave the airport, get one and get back without having to reissue boarding pass, clear/unclear passport control etc - checks are hard and having somebody not have the necessary paperwork and then refusing boarding will lead to a tough conversation and probably a supervisor. Having that supervisor having to go from gate to gate to gate everytime they are needed would lead to longer queues and longer waits and longer frustrations. Simply having a couple of station managers at check-in to oversee all flights for the airline makes this easier. -if you are worried about folk being too close together, travelling probably isn't for you right now.