Lekic celebrates Mallorca's goal. | @LaLiga

Getafe 1 - Real Mallorca 1

Mallorca, away to top-three side Getafe, got off to a bright start, Brandon going close after five minutes. In the twelfth minute, Lekic fired a shot from well out, hit the bar and the ball went into the net off García in the Getafe goal. The home side were largely dominant for the remainder of the half, but Mallorca, missing key players such as Culio and Lago, withstood the pressure. And soon into the second half, the woodwork saved Getafe again, Moutinho striking the bar after four minutes.

With ten minutes remaining and Mallorca looking as if they might grab much-needed three points, Raíllo was adjudged to have fouled Molina in the area. The Getafe striker equalised with the penalty.

A. García; Molinero, Díaz, Gorosito, Peña; Mora (Anton 82), Lacen; Alvaro (Scepovic 82), Portillo (Emi 65), Pacheco; Molina

Cabrero; Campabadal, Yuste, Raíllo, S. García; Moutinho (Roigé 90), Rodríguez, James (Vallejo 67), Domínguez; Lekic (Salomão 77), Brandon