Zaragoza players celebrate their goal against Mallorca. | @LaLiga

Real Zaragoza 1 - Real Mallorca 0

Not quite the last throw of the dice for Mallorca away at Zaragoza, still with a look over their shoulders at relegation. Could Mallorca steal a much-needed win? Another changed side and system, with an emphasis on attack, but the problem all season has been the inability to score goals.

Zaragoza dominated most of the first half, Santamaria having to keep out Lanzarote and Ros after 25 minutes. Ángel's headed goal for the hosts ten minutes later was reward for the dominance. Ángel then went close again before the half-time whistle. Mallorca, meanwhile, had created nothing. So much for an apparently attacking line-up.

The second half saw no real change. Zaragoza, prepared to concede possession to Mallorca, were in no danger. Cani saw his shot saved with less than quarter of an hour to go. Mallorca remained goalless.

Bereft of ideas, a change of coach has made no difference. And why would it have done, given that Sergi Barjuán has little credible background?

A miracle is needed. Unfortunately, and where Mallorca are concerned, the miracles have been in short supply since saints of the sixteenth century applied themselves to more vital matters of the island's plagues and famines.

Ratón; Isaac, Silva, Enrique, Cabrera; Zapater; Lanzarote, Ros (Jesús 79), Bedia (Cani 63), Pombo (García 85); Ángel

Santamaria; Campabadal, Yuste, Pleguezuelo, Oriol; Zdjelar, Vallejo; Lago Junior (Roigé 79), Culio (Salomão 61), Brandon; Lekic (Díaz 61)