Bit of a fracas to enliven an otherwise uneventful match.

The derby of derbies. Or derbi, as they say here. Not quite Liverpool-Everton or Celtic-Rangers and nothing like the stadiums either. But a derby is a derby, even in Segunda B Group III and especially as it was the first derby between Atlético Baleares and Real Mallorca for 37 years.

Expectation was high, but the fare was poor. Atlético were arguably better than Mallorca during the first half; not that they unduly troubled Reina in the Mallorca goal.

The highlight really came six minutes into the second half. Atlético striker Gerard Oliva was given two yellows, things kicked off for a bit, and that was more or less that. Despite being a man down, Atlético were more threatening in the closing stages of the match, but there was no end-product; Mallorca even less so.