The boys and girls from El Toro RC in Inca.

Rugby Day in Inca
An intense day of rugby began at 10am for around a hundred youngsters in the Mateu Canellas Sports Centre in Inca.
Players from El Toro RC, RC Ponent, Agora Portals, Dimonis, Pollenca and hosts, Mallorca Bocs took part in categories from the U6 to U12. The second round of the Baleares League U14 matches followed in a triangular series between RC Ponent, Agora Portals and a combined team from El Toro RC, Dimonis and Mallorca Bocs.

Friendly match in El Toro RC
A pre-season friendly match took place in Son Caliu on Saturday between long-time rivals El Toro RC and RC Ponent.
Although the teams were evenly matched throughout the first half, the match was won by the hosts thanks to better communication and finishing skills in the opposition’s 22m area. Final score was 41 points to 17 which bodes well for El Toro in the coming league.

A former El Toro player made his debut in the top Spanish League on Sunday with his new club CRC Pozuelo. Following other players who have moved to the mainland, Paul Gehrig played for the first time in the “Division de Honor.” Paul joins his team mate Alejandro Costa who, like Paul, also made his way through the ranks of the younger categories in El Toro, playing for the Senior team last year.
In the Baleares Senior League match between Bahia RC and TRUC Menorca, the hosts came out winners by 14 points to 0 against a team that has made a welcome return to the Senior League after their absence last year.

Coming up next weekend
Matches in the Baleares Senior League between TRUC from Menorca and El Toro RC, Ibiza RFC against RC Ponent and Shamrock RC are due to play Corsaris/ Dimonis. El Toro RC are hosts to the next round of the U16 Baleares League and the girls teams are heading to Shamrock RC for the next round in their league.