El Toro v. Bahia in the Senior League.

Baleares Senior League
An unseasonally warm and sunny afternoon saw El Toro RC welcome Bahia RC to Son Caliu for their first home match of this season's Senior League. Supporters of both sides saw a tough match in which both sides tackled hard and found it difficult to break through the opponent's defences. The first try came for the home team as Hicham El Isidry shot through to put the first points on the board. Bahia RC lost an opportunity to score from a scrum three metres from El Toro RC try line just after the half-time break and although they pushed hard, most of the second-half action took place in the Bahia RC half of the pitch. The home team scored two more tries, one converted and a penalty kick to stay well ahead. The younger players of El Toro RC had the advantage as their opponents began to tire and they kept the pressure on. Bahia RC made a last-minute effort which was held up by El Toro RC defences so their score remained at zero. Final score was 20 points to 0 for the home team.
In the match between the combined Corsaris RFC and Dimonis RC team against Ibiza RC the final score was 25 points to 12.

Baleares U18 League
The U18 teams from RC Ponent and El Toro RC joined with Ibiza RFC in a triangular tournament in the second round of the U18 Baleares League. The closest match of the day was, as always, between rivals RC Ponent and El Toro RC in which the Palma team came out in front with a final score of 24 points to 7. The Ibiza RFC U18, which has had three seasons without a team in this category, found it difficult to make any headway against the more experienced opposition but have some players who showed promise.

Younger Categories
The U14 teams were first on the pitch on Sunday morning in the next leg of their league. Teams from RC Ponent, Agora Portals and a mixed team comprising  players from El Toro RC, Dimonis, Trepitjadors and Mallorca Bocs took part. Following these matches the younger teams from the same clubs had their chance to play.
Coming up next weekend
In the Senior league next weekend TRUC host Corsaris and Dimonis RC, RC Ponent is due to play Bahia RC in S'Arracco and Ibiza RFC are at home to Shamrock RC. For the girls there will be another weekend of selection for the Baleares team and also for the younger players in the U14, U16 and U18 categories. The first Flag Rugby tournament of the season for the schools teams will take place in the San Ferran Stadium in Palma.