Tenerife 2 - Real Mallorca 1

Mallorca, a win under their belt in the first match with new coach Gálvez in charge, away at Tenerife and so one of the two long-distance trips to the Canaries this season. And how good was the start? It couldn't have been any better for Mallorca, Moutinho striking after two minutes following some quick pass interchange. Though Tenerife started to threaten towards half-time, the first forty-five minutes were an increasingly confident Mallorca's.

Into the second period and things went belly-up for Mallorca, sub González and then Omar putting Tenerife two-one up with two goals within a minute. Mallorca came back with Yuste hitting the post with a header with under fifteen minutes left. And that was pretty much that. A highly promising opening for Mallorca, but a defeat that does nothing for Gálvez's longer-term prospects for taking coaching charge and which keeps Mallorca hovering in and around the drop zone.

Hernández; Cámara, Jorge (yellow 83), Ruiz, Aurtenetxe; Vitolo, León (yellow 56 - Alberto 59 - yellow 67); Suso (yellow 72 - Jairo 82), Suárez (González 46), Omar; Lozano (yellow 85)

Wellenreuther; Company (yellow 38 - James 68), Costas, Aveldaño, Oriol; Yuste, Sabater (Sissoko 51); Campabadal, Ros (Acuña 70), Moutinho; Bianchi

Tenerife: González (63), Omar (64)
Mallorca: Moutinho (2)