Mallorca had reasons to celebrate for once. | @LaLiga

Sevilla Atlético 2 - Real Mallorca 3

Mallorca, all but dead and buried, away in Seville. Local media said before the match that Seville had nothing to play for. As for promotion, even were they in a play-off spot, they couldn't go up because the rules don't allow it: they're Seville's B side. Although only five points better off than Nastic in nineteenth, they are unlikely to be troubled by relegation. Whatever their motivation, the season's pre-match stats looked stacked against Mallorca: one loss at home for Seville, one win away from home for Mallorca.

And it looked as though Seville did indeed have little motivation. Mallorca came out all guns blazing. Yuste in the first minute, Moutinho on three occasions went close before Brandon converted a penalty after thirty minutes, having been brought down by Bernardo. Lasso drew a save from Santamaria as Seville sought to come back, but after the break Moutinho finally found the net - Mallorca two-nil up after 53 minutes.

Almost immediately afterwards, Ivi headed in for Seville. Were Mallorca going to blow it? Moutinho said no and put his second in after 62 minutes. Seville came back to life, and when Campabadal was judged to have fouled Matos in the area, Ivi stepped up and scored his second with the penalty.

Mallorca stay in twenty-first position, now on 36 points. Cordoba, above the drop zone on eighteenth, are on 42 points, as are three other teams.

Díaz; Carmona, Bernardo (Muñoz 68), González, Matos; Emeterio, Brice (Cotán 57); Pozo (Carrillo 68), Lasso, Ivi; Gual

Santamaria; Campabadal, Yuste, Pleguezuelo, Oriol; Culio (Zdjelar 70), Vallejo; Lago Junior (Roigé 74), Brandon, Angelino; Moutinho (Lekic 80)