The brawl followed the 94th minute winner. | EivoTV

Three weeks after an end-of-match brawl that resulted in a Platges de Calvià youth player suffering a perforated eardrum, there was another incident on Saturday. This was a Regional Preferente match in Palma between Independiente and Calvià.

Independiente's 94th minute winner sparked things off. An exchange of words was followed by the visiting goalkeeper attacking a member of the home side. There was then a brawl which, as with the Platges de Calvià-Son Caliu match, wasn't confined to just the players.

An Independiente player spent the night in hospital, and two players are said to be considering taking legal action against their attackers.

Calvià issued a statement in which it condemned the events and explained that it had already launched an "urgent" internal investigation into what took place. One player has been temporarily suspended, the club adding its thanks to other players who sought to mediate and calm things down and wishing the Independiente player a speedy recovery.

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Neither the Saturday incident nor the one three weeks ago are said to be isolated ones. There have been various recent incidents at lower league and grassroots levels in Mallorca's football.