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Wild Mallorca: Robusta and the Sand Ploughman

The Albufera is the only place the Marsh Orchid is found on Mallorca, and I know of one spot away from the crowds, where they grow annually and in good numbers.

12/06/2022 10:00

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Birds are fascinating creatures and I never tire of observing them in flight or hopping around on the grass verges of the Paseo Mallorca on my way to the Grup Serra offices.

Andrew Valente16/09/2020 15:26

Looking out from the Bishop1 Hide.

Wild Majorca

Behind the scenes with a birdwatching pioneer of Majorca – Part One

This two part special article is a behind the scenes look at the Albufera and the dedicated people that put their hearts into giving us all the memories and pleasures of the Albufera.

Neville James Davies02/05/2020 04:01