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Britain invests 10 billion in Spain since Brexit vote

As noted by Hugh Elliott, the UK’s ambassador to Spain, these investments go toward maintaining over 200,000 jobs.

Jason Moore25/02/2023 11:19

Protests in some parts of Spain.

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Foreign Office updates travel advice for those travelling to Spain

Travel rules in Spain were eased by the Spanish government earlier this month, allowing British travellers to travel more freely without sticking to any Covid restrictions.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/10/2022 10:03

Polls | 21/10/2022 09:59

Should Boris Johnson return as PM?

700 votes
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Frank Confidential

Are you Rubbish at recycling?

In a British newspaper recently that suggested that 6 out of 10 people surveyed said that they were “rubbish” at recycling.

Frank Leavers23/09/2020 15:18

Coronavirus in Britain


UK worried about second wave in Europe, won't hesitate to act on quarantine

Britain last week re-imposed a 14-day quarantine period on people arriving from Spain.

Reuters30/07/2020 15:55

Antonio Costa


Portugal in talks with Britain ahead of review of UK 'travel corridor' decision

Last week Portugal was left off a list of more than 50 countries that Britain considers safe enough for travel without coronavirus-related restrictions

Reuters08/07/2020 15:01


Johnson gamble

Surely Johnson doesn´t believe that he can take Britain out via the back door.

Jason Moore15/08/2019 10:54


No deal

“Britain should not even consider leaving the European Union without a deal.

Jason Moore01/08/2019 13:11


An outrage

“It is scandalous that an election is not being called in Britain...”

Jason Moore19/07/2019 10:11


European elections

“There is not much point Britain sending anti-European MEPs to Brussels...”

Jason Moore10/04/2019 09:54


What a mess

“Companies are starting to move away from Britain because of Brexit...”

Jason Moore26/01/2019 09:07


Kind words

“If European leaders had made a direct appeal to Britons would things have been different....?”

Jason Moore19/01/2019 09:57


A big mistake

Two of the most powerful women in Britain... but they both committed a highly costly error, they underestimated the electorate and their own popularity.

Jason Moore28/06/2017 00:00


Brexit mess

“My biggest concern is the decade of lost economic growth...”

Jason Moore16/12/2016 00:00


European Union

“I did think that Britain would be quietly shown the door ...”

Jason Moore02/02/2016 00:00



I consider myself a migrant because after all I moved to Spain from a foreign country, found employment and now enjoy all the benefits which this country offers.

Jason Moore04/09/2015 00:00