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Britons under the spotlight again.

Britons under the spotlight again.

Britons under the spotlight again.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 25/09/2023


Enjoy it while it lasts! Final summer in Mallorca without new EU travel pass

ETIAS is a travel authorisation set to begin in 2024 in 30 European countries. It will be valid for three years or until your passport expires - whichever comes first.

Jason Moore07/08/2023 11:26

UK and German tourists in Palma

UK and German tourists in Palma

Over the weekend, the airport recorded traffic of 2,324 aircrafts. Most of them came from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Ruiz Collado 10/07/2023

Toursts taking a stroll in Puerto Alcudia


The quiet holiday season in Mallorca

“I do find some parts of the island to be strangely quiet at the moment and few tourists are about....”

Jason Moore06/07/2023 16:39

Lake Victoria in Tanzania


Price is king

According to the latest market reports, Tanzania is set to be the new party destination for Britons as they turn their backs on Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter05/04/2023 12:01

Mallorca tourism

Mallorca tourism

Tourists visiting Formentor.

EFE 21/03/2023

Toni Nadal, Rafa Nadal’s former coach and uncle, has joined a Partido Popular ‘think tank’


English bashing

It’s not just British tourists heading to Spain who are getting a hard time, so too is the English language.

Humphrey Carter16/03/2023 15:19

British tourists in Punta Ballena


Changing statements

“There is a case of certain statements recording tourism being lost in translation...”

Jason Moore16/03/2023 15:17