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90-day rule in Spain

90-day rule in Spain

Non-resident British nationals can only stay in Spain for 90 days at a time.

GEMMA ANDREU 17/11/2023

Voting in the UK


The UK now wants my vote

An estimated two million British expats can expect to be eligible to vote in the next general election. But what do we get in return?

Humphrey Carter10/11/2023 10:04

Inheritance tax in Spain


Determining and proving domicile

To acquire a domicile of choice you must be physically present and tax resident in your new country and intend to live there permanently or indefinitely.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks17/02/2023 09:11

British nationals living in Spain


Comment: Spain’s mystery Britons

The number of Britons resident in Spain has risen, but are they new in town?

Humphrey Carter22/04/2022 10:15

Only a phone call away

Only a phone call away

Only a phone call away.

Age in Spain 10/11/2020

Parliament recall


Don't forget about us Boris

The Spanish government has urgently passed legislation in order to protect the rights of the 365,967 Britons.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/09/2019 04:01

Five hundred euro notes

Five hundred euro notes

Five hundred euro notes.

Reuters 26/10/2011