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Inheritance tax in Spain


Determining and proving domicile

To acquire a domicile of choice you must be physically present and tax resident in your new country and intend to live there permanently or indefinitely.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks17/02/2023 09:11

British nationals living in Spain


Comment: Spain’s mystery Britons

The number of Britons resident in Spain has risen, but are they new in town?

Humphrey Carter22/04/2022 10:15

Only a phone call away

Only a phone call away

Only a phone call away.

Age in Spain 10/11/2020

Parliament recall


Don't forget about us Boris

The Spanish government has urgently passed legislation in order to protect the rights of the 365,967 Britons.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/09/2019 04:01