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Olé for olives from Spain!

In the Mediterranean region we are blessed with a staggering 93% of the approximately 800 million olive trees in the world.

Marc Fosh10/12/2023 11:35

Fiery chicken, chickpea & harrisa soup

Fiery chicken, chickpea & harrisa soup

Fiery chicken, chickpea & harrisa soup.

Marc Fosh 20/03/2023

Fiery chicken, chickpea & harrisa soup

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The Butchers Block...

A whole chicken is such a valuable and versatile ingredient, and if you get a little creative, it can easily supply fast, tasty meals for 3-4 days easily.

Marc Fosh20/03/2023 15:31

Fabada Asturiana recipe

Fabada Asturiana recipe

This is my very simple and easy version of this Spanish Classic (Fabada Asturiana)

Marc Fosh 03/03/2023

American-style blueberry and vanilla pancakes

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Everyday is pancake day

"Pancakes can be served as soon as they're made but they can also be made in advance..."

Marc Fosh24/02/2023 14:14

Seafood recipes

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Something old, something new...

“In Spain the fishing villages all along the coastline are famous for their popular fish stews and soups...”

Marc Fosh13/02/2023 12:43

Mallorcan lemons are now in season

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Get cooking with Mallorcan lemons!

“Lemon appears in all kinds of cooking, sometimes as the star, sometimes in a small, uncredited cameo...”

Marc Fosh13/02/2023 12:39

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Brownie time

The real beauty of the perfect brownie lies in the fact that it has to be both deliciously rich and surprisingly light.

Marc Fosh06/02/2023 12:30

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How to cook the perfect steak in 2023

If you are looking for a quintessential wood-fired dining experience with a strong focus on benchmark steak cuts, head to Sa pleta in Canyamel and you won’t be disappointed.

Marc Fosh07/01/2023 17:48

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My Spanish Christmas

Cooking at home should be fun, and if we could all learn to enjoy the time we spend in our kitchens, the end results would far more rewarding.

Marc Fosh24/12/2022 10:20

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Cauliflower Cheese… simple & delicious!

Cauliflower smells very unpleasant if overcooked, so brief cooking is essential and also preserves crispness, colour, and reduces the loss of nutrients...

Marc Fosh11/12/2022 11:00

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Natural sweet & sour

It is estimated there are well over 7,500 types of apple grown around the world with an incredible array of colours, shapes, textures and tastes.

Marc Fosh28/11/2022 12:47

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Easy Like Sunday Morning... with Eggs Florentine!

Eggs have porous shells; so don't store them next to anything smelly, because they'll take it on board.

Marc Fosh14/11/2022 18:45

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Celeriac: The Ugly One

Root vegetables are the perfect winter food, and the cold weather is partly responsible for their delicious flavour as the cold helps to turn their starches into sugars.

Marc Fosh23/10/2022 19:51

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3 Healthy Summer Salads... Big On Flavour!

The Lebanese fattoush salad is essentially a "bread salad".It's a simple recipe very similar in some ways to the local “Trampó” salad from Mallorca.

Marc Fosh06/09/2022 10:48

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Summer Loving…

With such a tomato culture, it’s no surprise that Spanish growers produce some of the tastiest varieties in the world.

Marc Fosh20/08/2022 16:30

Banana, date & almond milkshake

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Shake it now baby: Take your milkshake to the next level!

For a decadent treat, there is nothing better than serving freshly baked, homemade cookies with a deliciously, refreshing milkshake.

Marc Fosh25/06/2022 10:30