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Stay humble and hungry

What is CrossFit? It is a fitness regimen that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

Vicki McLeod29/08/2022 11:00

CrossFit Mallorca


Hyrox: the standardised race taking the fitness world by storm

The combination of functional exercises and endurance makes Hyrox unique as it’s open to people from varying athletic backgrounds.

Simon Kenion Shears22/04/2022 13:06

Santa and all of his elves at The Olive Tree


Operation Papa Noel & The end of an era

This week in Majorca Mallorca: Vicki McLeod talks to the team of SOS Calvia and Kay Halley.

Vicki McLeod29/12/2021 13:25

The athletes ( Gabi,Kristof and Jacqui)

The athletes ( Gabi,Kristof and Jacqui)

The athletes ( Gabi,Kristof and Jacqui).

Simon Kenion Shears 04/12/2020

The athletes ( Gabi,Kristof and Jacqui)


CrossFit Games Athletes making Mallorca their home

Simon Kenion Shears had the privilege to interview three of the most prominent CrossFit Games Athletes and find out the key to their success.

Simon Kenion Shears04/12/2020 13:29

The Spartan Race

For better health, Majorca’s the best fit

Are endurance races worth the risk?

There are telling signs that you’re over doing it- sweat soaked t-shirts, flushed faces and the fact you’re stooped over like a teenager in Magalluf.

Simon Kenion Shears13/03/2020 10:56