Etiqueta 'Curfew in Spain'
Local police on patrol

Local police on patrol

Local police on patrol.

Brais Lorenzo 10/07/2021

Order to shutdown bars and restaurants come into force on Friday


Rising COVID-19 cases push Spain's regions to call for tighter restrictions

Regional authorities cannot impose home confinement without central government authorization.

Reuters03/11/2020 13:28


Maybe open the clubs

If illegal street parties are the source of the spike, open official controlled areas.

Humphrey Carter29/10/2020 10:18

Polls | 26/10/2020 10:19
Spain has highest caseload in Western Europe


Spain holds off on curfews, but struggles to curb COVID-19

Socialising between different households will be banned across the city between midnight and 6 am.

Reuters23/10/2020 15:43