Etiqueta 'Dog owners'
Treating your dog like a mascot


Dogs have dignity as well you know!

Today in this ‘Frank Talking’ column of mine I know that I will probably upset quite a few readers, but hopefully also make people consider their relationship with their pets and dogs in particular.

Frank Leavers03/06/2022 11:00

A person walking his dogs


Dogs and their owners

I don’t have a problem with dogs, I love them, at times I wonder about their owners.

Humphrey Carter15/12/2021 11:14

Calvia town hall has conducted a campaign to inform dog owners about a new bylaw.


Calvia satisfied with dog-owner information campaign

Twelve owners have been fined for breaches of the bylaw - three of them for not having a bag to pick up dog mess.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/02/2018 00:00