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Town hall officials for transport in Palma, Mallorca

Town hall officials for transport in Palma, Mallorca

Palma's councillor for mobility, Francesc Dalmau (right), with the manager of EMT, Mateu Marcus.

Ajuntament de Palma 29/10/2021

Town hall officials for transport in Palma, Mallorca

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Palma EMT workers demanding that EMT operates the tram service

SFM workers are taking industrial action over the future operation, and now EMT workers are making their demands.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/10/2021 14:59

Palma EMT bus information systems

Palma EMT bus information systems

New EMT information systems.


Industrial relations

Palma bus strike gets 100% support

More stoppages are planned for Wednesday and Friday.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/03/2019 14:28

Bus service.


Port and airport bus to run 24/7

The EMT municipal bus company announced yesterday that the number 1 service which connects the port with Palma airport is going to be operating 24/7 from 1 July and will continue operating round the clock until at least the end of August.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/06/2017 00:00


Palma bus fleet being checked after second fire

"If we discover that there had been a lack of maintenance, then action will be taken against those responsible."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter08/07/2016 00:00


Campaign to improve bus driver and user relationship

“It is important to stress the value of the service that the drivers provide in order to improve the relationship with users.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter02/02/2016 00:00


Palma bus strike is called off

Stoppages were due to have started on Monday and were then due to have escalated into an indefinite strike.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/12/2015 00:00