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eating well


Supporting Healthy Minds

Children have the greatest opportunity of learning from the very beginning how to look after themselves by eating well.

Julie Holdsworth31/03/2021 04:41

Spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Britain

Practical Parenting

Keep Calm and ....... Do what?

Children are directly affected by our response to this crisis. So maybe think of it as a teaching and learning opportunity...

Julie Waller & Barbora Sollerova26/03/2020 09:55

Learning from home

Practical Parenting

Lockdown – a parenting opportunity?

The lockdown is challenging, but with a positive mindset we can celebrate our creativity, encourage our children to take ownership of their boredom and listen carefully to their suggestions.

Julie Waller & Barbora Sollerova19/03/2020 04:01