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Francina Aarmengol


El Pi back call for Armengol to explain funding deficit

The El spokesperson has called for Armengol to be more transparent and to demand that Madrid transfers the 177 million euros more which should have come to the Balearics through this year's regional financing system.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/09/2019 04:01

Holiday rentals

PP and El Pi get behind holiday rentals

Biel Company of the PP wants "clear and objective criteria" for holiday rentals and not the current arbitrariness.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/02/2018 00:00

Holiday rentals

Rentals zoning a "disaster"

Jaume Font of El Pi believes that it should be up to town halls to decide what is allowed and in accordance with the needs of specific municipalities.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/01/2018 00:00

Holiday rentals

Rentals zoning will "perpetuate" sun and beach tourism

Rentals zoning will benefit coastal areas and will prevent the development and renewal of municipalities in the interior.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/01/2018 00:00


March looking to El Pi to prevent Pollensa vote of no confidence

There is a great deal of political manoeuvring which could result in the El Pi party expelling its one councillor.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/10/2016 00:00

Northern News Spotlight

Parliament to discuss Alcudia high-voltage cabling

As the period of suspension is almost up, parents have been pressing to have a meeting with President Armengol.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/10/2015 00:00