Etiqueta 'Escola Global'
They learnt about different climbing styles and techniques

Looking Forward

Just a thought – It’s a kind of magic

One of our climbers described his experience as ‘Insanely Cool’ and on reflection I am inclined to agree!

Margaret Morris06/10/2020 10:38

Landscaping their garden

Looking forward

Just a thought – Is ‘good’ good enough?

I believe that now is the right time to reclaim the word ‘good’.

Margaret Morris29/09/2020 11:16

Post It wall on NYC Subway

Lockdown at Home

Life in Lockdown Series: 6

Giving feedback is frequently automatic and immediate. Very often we do this without a thought.

Margaret Morris27/04/2020 09:41

Active listening

Lockdown at Home

Life in Lockdown Series: 5

At this time, when we are possibly spending more time together, we are provided with an ideal opportunity to develop our listening skills.

Margaret Morris19/04/2020 04:01


Lockdown at Home

‘Life in Lockdown’ Series 3

Let us all hope that our lockdown in Mallorca can soon be eased a little so we can go out to exercise.

Margaret Morris 13/04/2020 11:46

Working from home during lockdown

Lockdown at Home

‘Life in Lockdown’ Series 2

With this ‘can do’ attitude and our team spirit, an endless number of activities and proposals are being created with more focus on our students’ well-being.

Margaret Morris and Rebeca Garcia Bello06/04/2020 12:48

Lockdown at Home

'Life in Lockdown' Series: A time to reflect and a time to connect

After some very comforting words from our teachers and a deep breath of fresh air I realised that, going forwards, my 'prison school' was going to be more fun, more light hearted, less rigid and more about meeting my needs too.

Margaret Morris and Sarah Simidian 30/03/2020 14:07