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Palma revetla for Sant Sebastià


Sant Sebastia celebrations dampened by Storm Gloria

The crowd cheered as the flames took hold, the heat warmed them up and the sausages started cooking.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/01/2020 10:48

Il Trovatore: “Il balen del suo sorriso”

What's On

Events in Majorca on Wednesday / Thursday

George Sand International Festival of Music at Sa Nostra Cultural Centre in Palma and 'Reduce Your Waste' conference at Trui Theatre in Palma.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/11/2019 04:01

Cristina Van Roy

What's On

What's on in Majorca on Thursday / Friday

Apocalipsis, Circus of Horros at Son Fusteret, Argentinian Tango Festival and the Historic El Raluy Circus in Palma.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/10/2019 04:01

Suzanne Bradbury

What's On

Fiestas and events in Majorca on Thursday / Friday

Street procession and giants in Bunyola and supper in the streets at Cas Concos.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/09/2019 16:36