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Villa in Santa Eulària, Ibiza

Villa in Santa Eulària, Ibiza

The Balearics head the list of most popular locations.



Almost 40% of Balearic home purchases were foreign in 2016

The level of foreign buying in the Balearics makes the region one of the most susceptible to any Brexit impact.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/03/2017 00:00


Property market continues to be led by the Balearics

Salaries are deemed inadequate in the Balearics for the purchase of the average home. Foreign buyers are the ones helping to keep the market buoyant.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/10/2016 00:00


High price of property not deterring foreign buyers

The price of property in the Balearics is set to increase by almost 7% above the national average this year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter06/06/2016 00:00


British dominated the foreign property market last year

In the Balearics, the increase in the level of foreign purchasing was 22.3%, well above the national figure.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/05/2016 00:00


Britons helping to drive foreign property market

Among Swiss, Swedish and British buyers, there has been a good deal of property movement in the three to four million euro range.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/11/2015 00:00


Balearics is the most popular for foreign home buying

According to the Spanish Association of Property Registrars, 12.5% of all home buying over the first half of 2015 was that of foreign purchasers.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter02/10/2015 00:00