Etiqueta 'Fruit Trees'
Mango in Mallorca


The very first fruit to ripen

Some of the early fruit to ripen once the Citrus fruits are over will be the Nispero/Loquat, it can probably be considered the first fruit to ripen locally.

Dorothy Loeffler11/04/2021 12:52

Pomegranate tree

Gardening in Majorca

A busy month in October

Find out what trees can get planted this month plus what vegetables you can get ready to harvest.

Dorothy Loeffler04/10/2020 00:10

Almond tree.


Gardening In Majorca

During the period of the waxing moon, we are told it is time to graft some fruit trees like plums, peaches and almonds, that is to say, those trees that have fruit with large stones as opposed to pips.

Dorothy Loeffler04/05/2020 12:35