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British market

“Minorca is a classic example of not putting all your eggs into one basket...”

Jason Moore06/07/2018 00:00


Best defence

“Britain doesn´t need to spend more money of defence...”

Jason Moore03/07/2018 00:00


PP query Armengol motives for state of the community debate

The PP have also suggested that PSOE and Més have accepted Podemos "blackmail" over the issue of Daniel Bachiller, a leading figure with Podemos in the Balearics.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/09/2016 00:00


Rajoy hopes to lead government

"I hope they at least let the party that won take office even though it would do so in difficult circumstances."

29/06/2016 00:00


Spain has no easy options in search for a new government

The Partido Popular  came first in a general election, but acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell short of a majority for the second time in six months.

28/06/2016 00:00


Balearic parliament facing a logjam of business

At present, there are 2,999 motions, proposals and other measures that are waiting to be dealt with.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/03/2016 00:00


Choosing battles wisely

Of course, Podemos isn’t actually in government. Not formally. But it exerts enormous power.

Andrew Ede09/09/2015 00:00

Public finances

Government bank debt almost doubled under the PP

The current government is faced with a total debt that is almost 3,000 million euros higher than four years ago.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/08/2015 00:00