Etiqueta 'Life after lockdown'

Majorca Mallorca

Plant power!

There’s plenty of opinions about detoxing, some say it is the best thing ever, others claim our bodies don’t need to do it.

Vicki McLeod05/07/2020 00:10

Jan Dexter

Majorca Mallorca

Business Focus

I believe more long term rentals will become available over the next few months however I do not believe the price will necessarily drop.

Vicki McLeod18/06/2020 00:10

Pretty cotton face masks in Estudio 3

Majorca Mallorca

Lockdown Business Focus Part 3

Where shall we go next to focus on your business? Let us know!

Vicki McLeod13/06/2020 00:10

Don't sweat the Small Stuff for Teens.

Notes from the classroom

Successful relationships - with teenagers

The mental health and stability of our young has never been more important; communication is the best base to try and understand each other.

Julie Holdsworth13/05/2020 04:01


Day One

“We have won our freedom from coronavirus but now we must keep it....”

Jason Moore11/05/2020 17:33