Etiqueta 'Life in the Soller Valley'
Life in Soller

Life in Soller

Soller's tram.

Ingo Thor 18/09/2023

Soller Revolts


Soller Revolts

In a recent tourist survey conducted among travellers to the island this summer, only a third said they'd return, and frankly, who can blame them?

Anna Nicholas10/09/2023 17:40

Families on Es Repic beach in Puerto Soller


Summer holidays in Soller

What is there to do for children in the port of Soller is a common question at this time of year.

Shirley Roberts17/07/2023 09:47

A relaxing glass of wine in Puerto Soller.


Life is busy in Soller as they move on from one tradition to another

The port of Soller is now preparing for the half termers and families who will spend holidays with us in the next two weeks.

Shirley Roberts19/05/2023 14:00

Tourism in Soller


Brave new Soller

For those contemplating a visit to Soller, please just heed my advice and avoid the summer months like the plague unless you have no alternative.

Anna Nicholas04/05/2023 14:56


Life in the Soller Valley: another working week of 2023

The new restaurant owners of Sa Frontera (on the L’horta roundabout) have created a highly expectant vibe...

Shirley Roberts17/01/2023 11:55


Soller: The New Year Statistics

Since the Soller Tunnel became free and the buses doubled their frequency many have moved here.

Shirley Roberts07/01/2023 19:33


A glorious week in Soller

The Soller Valley holds magic for many who emerge from the Soller Tunnel into the mountain light and discover our whole new world.

Shirley Roberts23/10/2022 13:09


Supporting Artists in Mallorca

Scots-born Sharon and her husband started to visit Mallorca many years ago, before buying their home.

Vicki McLeod30/09/2022 13:12


All things Soller: Fishing traditions

The prawn, the fish, the orange are all symbols of our Soller Valley world and we are sustained by them.

Shirley Roberts27/09/2022 10:59


Humans of Mallorca have changed…

As one of the writers who wrote daily in the pandemic I continue to make my own personal observations of the changes unfolding in the Soller Valley.

Shirley Roberts26/09/2022 02:24