Etiqueta 'Life in the Soller Valley'
The pool in Soller is now open!


All things Soller: Summer is here

Soller’s outdoor pool has just opened and that is very important for local people and visitors who use it as their beach club.

Shirley Roberts24/06/2022 10:30

Fantastic views from the Hotel Jumeirah in Soller


All things Soller: Normal holiday life is back

The new New York to Palma flight route is important to all the island but has a special significance in the Soller Valley.

Shirley Roberts10/06/2022 10:00

Puerto Soller


Soller: All about the perfect Horseshoe Bay

Puerto Soller is our focus today as so many are on their way now to the sea for their beachside holidays.

Shirley Roberts04/06/2022 14:00

Low mists but never grey.


The Soul of Soller

Some are just looking for a change of scene and are not interested in the history or tradition.

Shirley Roberts29/03/2022 09:52

What are we doing?


Humans of Mallorca living their best lives

The volunteer effort is in overdrive with organisations, churches and individuals turning up at the Ukrainian Church and other centres with donated goods.

Shirley Roberts10/03/2022 12:06



Anniversary number two coming up

The Holiday planning this year is second to none as everyone wants to squeeze the best out of every day they are with us.

Shirley Roberts15/02/2022 10:08