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Spotlight On Soller

Here come the niggles

Time passes and new routines are quickly established. The memories of the early lockdown are easing only to be replaced now by the new reality.

Shirley Roberts23/09/2020 13:13


The dream team of the Soller Valley – a Humans of Majorca story

This week I spent my time in La Sal, a new venture in the Puerto Soller.

Shirley Roberts07/09/2020 15:24

Jan Dexter

Majorca Mallorca

Business Focus

I believe more long term rentals will become available over the next few months however I do not believe the price will necessarily drop.

Vicki McLeod18/06/2020 00:10

Having a plan is important

Majorca Mallorca

Let’s get this show on the road

Building a social media following is not an immediate fix, but whatever you have right now, you can improve on it.

Vicki McLeod29/04/2020 10:33

It was World Book Day this week.

Majorca Mallorca

Lockdown - Happy Christmas!

One of the things I think I will introduce into the group over the coming weeks are some easy workshops for businesses to learn to market themselves better.

Vicki McLeod25/04/2020 10:59

A wonderful poem by Jessica Tatam


“Good company, good wine, good welcome can make good people”

One of the fun activities in the Majorca Mallorca FB Group has been a poetry competition sponsored by Iván González Gaínza and Lara Corfield from Wine Industry.

Vicki McLeod13/04/2020 13:13

Streets of Soller in lockdown

Humans of Majorca

Humans of Majorca begin to make plans

Fewer people allowed in their establishments with little money to actually spend. What a difficult business model to contemplate.

Shirley Roberts06/04/2020 13:00

Photo credit Billie Media


Getting hitched in Majorca

Over the last decade the wedding industry on the island has blossomed and bloomed into a serious contributor to the local economy.

Vicki McLeod06/04/2020 10:47

Armengol with supporters of the retail and commerce plan.


New technological programme for boosting trade and commerce

It is one designed to enable the retail sector in particular to adapt to changing consumer demands while also promoting technological innovation and emphasising local trade.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/02/2016 00:00