Etiqueta 'Majorca Mallorca'
Es Torrent de Pareis - Original painting by Peter Clover


Quietly Creative

Sometimes, I crave peace, quiet, and private time to reflect, or work, without interruption.

Peter Clover01/08/2022 12:38


If at first you don't succeed...

Holly will be releasing her new album “The Physics Of Us” this coming autumn!

Vicki McLeod08/07/2022 10:30

Greg and Agi, the owners of Mistral Coffee

Greg and Agi, the owners of Mistral Coffee

Greg and Agi, the owners of Mistral Coffee.

Vicki McLeod 07/04/2022

Patrick Visser, Paul Evans, Vincent Werner and Peter Irblad.


Max Ventures

Check out these amazing stories happening around the Island!

Vicki McLeod13/02/2022 14:14

Walking in Majorca.

Frank Confidential

The hills are alive with the sound of... Walking!

One of the benefits of a regular walking regime, is that you can wear really sexy ‘walking-wear’ without feeling a fraud.

Frank Leavers06/10/2020 14:39

Majorca Mallorca

Perfect Pollensa

Where else would you suggest we try to have a staycation in Majorca?

Vicki McLeod04/10/2020 17:14


Taking the glamour out of tourism

Call it ERTE or furlough, we have become familiar with arcane detail of employment law.

Andrew Ede01/10/2020 16:14


Food & Wine

Pomegranate: the greatest autumn fruit

The removal of pomegranate seeds is one of those culinary jobs that can be messy.

Andrew Valente30/09/2020 13:37

Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War.

El Blog de Amanda

Politics is the science of good sense

El blog de Amanda in less than a year has won the second international prize LOVE ENGLISH AWARDS for the best blog for learning English of the year 2014. Amanda has followers from all around the world and is also the creator of the well-known documentary “MAJORCA IS NOT MAGALLUF!”, which has just been awarded a prize as #BestBalearicFilmmaker at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Amanda Jeffrey29/09/2020 18:24

China Town, London.

Did You Know?

Words and more…

In the early 18th century, London’s Bow Street was referred to as ‘China Street’ because of its proximity to Covent Garden.

Andrew Valente29/09/2020 17:41

Bacalao (salt cod) was one of the most common poverty foods until about 60 years ago.

Food for Thought

Fine eating on a low budget

It is a statistical fact that as a nation becomes more prosperous the sales of bread take a dramatic plunge.

Andrew Valente29/09/2020 17:07

Twilight road test at the Blue Nest in Port Adriano.

Focus on Cars


I’ve plucked a few photos from the files, which for me encapsulate the mystery of the petrol head mind.

Robert Klevehagen28/09/2020 15:54

Brown Hare.

Wild Majorca

Hare Today - but not tomorrow!

The Hare is perhaps the only species completely at home in the open, short grazed grass.

Neville James-Davies28/09/2020 14:15


Good news, please

“I think really, we could all do with some good news after months of bad headlines, one after the other...”

Jason Moore31/08/2020 10:20


Stop faffing about please

I know here in the Mediterranean we like to a good chat but now’s not the time.

Humphrey Carter22/08/2020 14:08

A kiosk in Palma.

Did You Know?

Words and more…

Our word ‘kiosk’ comes from the Turkish ‘köshk’ and the Persian ‘kushk’ and it has three main meanings.

Andrew Valente13/08/2020 00:10