Etiqueta 'Majorca Phase 2'
Putting signs and notices in place just doesn’t seem to work efficiently.

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Some people really don’t seem to get that 2 metres is NOT 2 feet! And certainly NEVER two inches!

Peter Clover05/06/2020 12:37

Mallorca beaches getting ready to open


Spain's four-phase plan updated

Breakdown of the phases including Phase 2 which begins on Monday, May 25 for the Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

Reuters23/05/2020 10:31

From Monday, assuming Majorca passes to Phase 2, the new normal of beach life will commence with social distancing and environmentally friendly disinfection.

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Flags, quality marks and Covid

Phase 2 and all that will mean that Majorca's beaches are open again - properly open, that is.

Andrew Ede21/05/2020 02:24