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Nightlife in Mallorca

Nightlife in Mallorca

The nightlife association stresses its commitment to prevention of sexual assault.

Archive 26/01/2023

Site of the former Tito's nightclub in Palma, Mallorca

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From Tito's to a Lío cabaret-disco

The new club is due to be operational next summer, but there is no exact date yet.

Andrew Ede19/11/2022 08:59

BCM, Magalluf


Let's Go Out: Summer Party Time

Where to go, what to drink? This is the big question this weekend on Mallorca!

Ashlee Caliz24/06/2022 08:45

Santa Catalina, Palma, Mallorca - people on the streets at 4.30am.

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Santa Catalina - the noise goes on, and the complaints mount

Palma's Santa Catalina - a focus for the apparent incompatibility between lives of residents and nightlife culture.

Andrew Ede27/05/2022 15:52

Noise in Santa Catalina over the weekends


The party for votes

Palma’s nightlife is getting out of control, but is there more to this than meets the eye? Is it political?

Humphrey Carter20/05/2022 10:03

New Year's Eve, Palma Mallorca

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Covid cases auction: the week in Mallorca

The numbers were going through the roof; there were cancellations; but spring came early - to parts of Mallorca anyway.

Monitor02/01/2022 08:00