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Susanna Sciacovelli, the new councillor for tourism at the Council of Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Ex-head of Balearic tourism agency is the new councillor for Mallorca tourism promotion

Susanna Sciacovelli has most recently been the director for institutional relations for the El Corte Inglés travel group.

Andrew Ede06/07/2023 07:04

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Mallorca tourism marketing to be given a major boost

The president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation has been mentioned as a possible councillor for tourism.

Andrew Ede01/07/2023 09:17

A restaurant who is specialist in meat


Specialists in meat (and other Mallorcan advertising)

If one restaurant claims to be specialists in meat, and the one next door also claims to be, then which specialists should customers opt for?

Andrew Ede08/06/2023 14:59

Mallorca tourism

Mallorca tourism

Germany tourists arriving at Palma airport.

Ruiz Collado 17/02/2023

ILTM fair in Cannes

Majorca tourism

Mallorca the leading destination for luxury tourism in 2023

The Cannes luxury travel market in December pointed to Mallorca being the number one Mediterranean destination this year.

Andrew Ede08/01/2023 09:08

Balearics stand for the London World Travel Market

Balearics stand for the London World Travel Market

Balearics stand for the World Travel Market in London.



Promoting or not

The opposition Partido Popular has rightly asked what is the Balearic government doing in London if they are not promoting the islands as a holiday destination.

Jason Moore14/11/2022 19:05

President of the Council of Majorca Catalina Cladera,and Insular Tourism Councillor, Andreu Serra.Andreu Serra presenting the project.


The Blog: Rejoice! It’s Mallorca

‘Guadeix l’illa’ is the title of the Council’s tourism promotion initiative that is aimed at island residents.

Andrew Ede28/05/2021 15:24