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MPA's final event in Palma

MPAs are an essential tool for the conservation of the sea.

Marilles Foundation19/06/2022 10:30

Take part in this year's MARE Audiovisual Competition.


The third edition of MARE will focus on the Mediterranean

For the third consecutive year, photography lovers of all ages, both amateur and professional, are invited to portray the beauty of their seas.

Sara García14/05/2022 16:22

Illes Malgrats. photo: @AdobeStock


Proposals to improve the El Toro and Els Malgrats marine reserves

Investing in more and better MPAs makes ecological and economic sense. So, what are we waiting for?

Marilles Foundation25/03/2022 11:25

Sea star


The power of images: conserving the sea

Through photography and video, MARE can help us understand and get to know the privileged environment we inhabit.

Marilles foundation13/05/2021 14:33

Sea star

Sea star

Sea star

JaviAtero 12/05/2021


Save The Med

Documenting the spectacular wildlife in a Balearic Marine Protected Area (MPA)

We encourage you to get to know the Natural Parks and Marine Protected Areas nearby our homes.

Save The Med04/10/2020 15:04


Nautical Notes

Studying the majestic devil rays of the Mediterranean Sea

The Spinetail devil ray is classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered in the Mediterranean.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/09/2020 15:16

Balearic Sea

A second chance to baby rays & sharks

The waters we swim were once home to an ample number and variety of sharks and rays.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/07/2020 15:05

Humans of Majorca

Humans of Majorca surviving boating lockdown

My interest this week was centred on a group of people of the sea with different tales to tell.

Shirley Roberts08/06/2020 00:10


Save The Med

We talked about buying local, now let’s start growing local!

Save the Med helps bring the sea a little closer to all of us!

Save The Med01/05/2020 04:01

The Nacra mollusc


Largest bivalve mollusc in Mediterranean in critical danger of extinction

Anyone who spots a nacra is asked to take a photograph of it and inform the Department of Medi Ambient.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/12/2019 13:35

Sharks are important for healthy marine ecosystems


Shark and rays in Majorca: nothing to fear and so much to learn!

A healthy marine ecosystem is one with healthy populations of shark and rays. This is why conserving these species is a key priority for Marilles Foundation.

Marilles Foundation08/11/2019 10:03



How to save posidonia meadows

Posidonia meadows are vulnerable and fragile habitats that are declining in the Mediterranean Sea.

Marilles Foundation13/09/2019 12:58