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Minister for productive sectors, Juan Pedro Yllanes.


Government campaign to purchase protection equipment locally

Manufacturers in the Balearics could get two-year contracts for supplying protective clothing.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/04/2020 19:22

Captain Tom Moore

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Walking the walk

At subliminal level, the public is reverting to caveman mode, unconsciously thinking of survival and how best to cope in a world of uncertainty.

Anna Nicholas18/04/2020 09:29

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Every member of society is facing its own pressures but I can really understand those facing this on their own.

Shirley Roberts07/04/2020 12:06


Why was the UK not ready?

Virus outbreaks are not new, each one is different, but why was the UK not ready?

Humphrey Carter04/04/2020 13:33