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Flying to Palma de Mallorca


The highs and lows of flying to Mallorca

You will see what to expect from checking in for your flight, to going through airline security and then landing in Palma.

Alex Smith07/07/2022 11:25

Holidays in Mallorca


Sort it out

“People have been dreaming of their summer break. Just sort it out sooner rather than later...”

Jason Moore10/06/2022 09:59

Tourists arriving at Palma airport

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My airport experience

Shirley Roberts shares her trip from Bristol airport to Palma airport this weekend.

Shirley Roberts06/06/2022 13:01

Health controls at Palma Airport.

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Long queues at Palma Airport as Easter gets underway

Hundreds of residents and students returning to the Islands had the option of presenting a negative PCR test, or taking an antigen test when they got off the plane.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/03/2021 13:14