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New speed limits


American news and views in Mallorca

"The new speed limits in Mallorca are going to be rough for the over 1,200 American expats on the island."

Christian Monson30/01/2021 11:37

New speed limits

New speed limits

New speed limits.

Christian Monson 28/01/2021

New speed limit enforced in Palma.


New Palma speed limits enforced

900 traffic signs will appear on 190 roads where the maximum speed limit is 40 or 50 kilometres an hour.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/10/2020 11:34


Mobility confusion

"A list has now been published of 190 roads that won't be 30 kph; they will either be 40 or 50..."

Andrew Ede10/10/2020 00:10