Etiqueta 'Pirates Reloaded'
Thirteen lads, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham at Gringos Bingo


Lads get scammed but....

Now the newspapers love to bash Magalluf but I have a story that whilst it started off bad, had a good ending.

Richie Prior23/06/2023 11:39

Pirates Adventure Show


Dance is in my heart

Meet Elizabeth Zieba, originally from Poland, but now Mallorca resident and Show Director for Globo Balear.

Vicki McLeod02/06/2023 14:43

Pirates Adventure Show

Pirates Adventure Show

When we start the rehearsal process we only have a month before we open the show for the season.

Pirates 25/03/2023


One of Magalluf's main attractions to open its doors in April

With over 3.5 million visitors to date and a host of celebrity guests, Pirates is a spectacular evening of live entertainment for families, couples and groups.

Ashlee Caliz14/03/2023 12:11