Etiqueta 'Residents flight discount'
The Balearic parliament had claimed that there was a violation of data protection.


No breach of data protection in residents discount check

The Spanish government had initiated a check to compare incomes and the number of flights taken.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/02/2020 10:30

Travellers had delayed booking flights and waited for the higher discount.


Ticket sales up by a half because of increased flight discount

Meanwhile, Ryanair were criticised for not introducing the higher discount until Tuesday.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/07/2018 00:00

Residents of the Balearics will have cheaper flights to and from the mainland.


Spanish government approves increased flight discount

The 75% residents discount for flights and ferries will come into effect on Monday.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/07/2018 00:00

Iberia Express, no plans to increase frequencies at present.


Iberia boss denies discount rise will push up flight prices

Competition will prevent airlines putting up prices once the increased flight discount comes into effect.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/05/2018 00:00

Balearic transport minister Marc Pons.


Increased residents flight discount expected by August

The increase in the discount has been dependent on approval of the state budget.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/05/2018 00:00

Still no agreement on raising the discount for residents' flights.


Senate turns down motion for 75% resident flight discount

The Balearics, the Canaries (and Ceuta and Melilla) are fighting for a higher flight discount for residents.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/02/2018 00:00