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Slowing down


At pace with the world

Almost three years after a virus stopped the world in its tracks, our 'business as usual' pace has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Estela M. Fernández, Save the Med09/05/2023 14:56

Baby sharks have been born through the project Stellaris Action


Quarterly newsletter from Save the Med!

As we step into this new year, it is time to share our last quarterly update of 2021.

Save the Med21/01/2022 10:08


Reconnecting with loved ones through meaningful Christmas giving

There’s no better way to re-discover oneself than trying something completely new!

Save the Med10/12/2021 11:03

The Balearic Islands, has already achieved the elimination of almost 70,000 plastic bottles from the hospitality sector and is expected to remove about 3 tonnes of waste from the supply chain in 2021


Join us tonight for an immersive experience in Andratx!

The MARE - Dragonera PhotoCollab remains exhibited in the same Plenary Hall until the 3rd of December.

Save the Med26/11/2021 11:41

'Dragonera Hope Spot' by Fernando Darder Garau, winner in the category 'Honourable mention: Marine Protected Areas' of the MARE contest.


Join our first Sa Dragonera conference 5-7th of November!

The programme aims to bring the underwater magic of Dragonera closer to all.

Save the med29/10/2021 13:03

Anemone in Sa Dragonera - Mathias Günther


Autumn events with Save the Med

Stay tuned for all the details which will be published on and @xarxadragonerablava on Instagram very soon!

Save the med15/10/2021 11:38

Anemone in Sa Dragonera - Mathias Günther

Anemone in Sa Dragonera - Mathias Günther

Anemone in Sa Dragonera - Mathias Günther.

Mathias Guenther 15/10/2021



Quarterly update from Save The Med

How does Save the Med Foundation protect the environment?

Save the med01/10/2021 12:38