Etiqueta 'Second wave of Covid-19'
A medical worker takes care of a patient infected with COVID-19 at the intensive care unit (ICU) of Ramon y Cajal hospital in Madrid


Spain sets record COVID-19 case rise with over 55,000 new infections -health ministry

Spain's health minister Salvador Illa refused the region permission to impose a full lockdown.

Reuters03/11/2020 10:20

Spain enters six-month state of emergency to tackle pandemic


Spain records over 23,500 COVID-19 cases in biggest daily rise so far

Like other European countries, Spain has resorted to increasingly drastic measures to curb infections in recent days.

Reuters30/10/2020 09:56


No Balearic rush then

The Balearic President has been called to give an update, probably next month.

Humphrey Carter25/08/2020 03:10

A woman clapping during the lockdown in Spain

Sunday Feature

Love Thy Neighbour

It’s not always easy to live harmoniously with your neighbours but, before you reach for the broom handle, remember they’ll be your only company if, heaven forbid, we get that dreaded second wave.

Sarah Forge12/07/2020 00:10